By registering for the tour, each customer accepts these terms and conditions as solely binding for him/herself and the persons registered by him/her.

1. conclusion of the travel contract

Your registration by telephone or in writing is a binding offer to conclude a rental agreement including our travel and payment conditions, which you thereby accept.

The rental agreement becomes binding for us when we confirm the travel registration to you or your booking office in writing. This usually takes place within 2 days of receipt of the registration by us, unless further queries are necessary with our contractual partners. The booking offices are merely acting as intermediaries for the conclusion of a travel contract with us; their commitments and ancillary agreements only become binding if confirmed by us in writing. The booking agents are not authorised or instructed to give assurances of any kind whatsoever which deviate from the catalogue or the terms and conditions or to make any other agreements.

2. booking

a) Down payment and final payment

After receipt of booking confirmation/invoice, a deposit of 50% of the tour price is due for payment immediately. The remaining amount is due two weeks before arrival. Other arrangements are possible.

b) Incidental costs

Heating -, electricity costs, possible special use fees as well as the visitor's tax are to be paid at the holiday resort. In the case of special promotions, the ancillary costs are to be paid in full and are excluded from the percentage reductions.

c) Customer wishes

We will be happy to accept them at the time of booking. Verbal agreements are only valid if they are confirmed by us in writing.

3. services

a) We conscientiously prepare the journey and process your reservation and duly fulfil the contractually agreed service; special features may arise from customs typical of the country or place. We cannot accept any liability for information in brochures of hotels, rental properties, holiday resorts and lift companies, even if they were issued by us or our representatives or enclosed with the travel documents, unless we were aware or should have been aware of the incorrectness of the information; the same applies to ski pass reductions (third-party services of the lift companies). Local conditions that do not affect the holiday property are not services provided by us and therefore do not fall under our area of responsibility. This applies in particular to distance and time information regarding restaurants, shopping facilities, sports facilities, ski pass prices, sports equipment rental, etc. b) Occupancy of the rental property The accommodation units may only be occupied by the number of persons stated in the catalogue (children from the age of 3 also count as a full person) or according to the information in the travel confirmation. If we confirm in writing that the accommodation will be occupied by additional persons beyond the number stated in the catalogue, it must generally be assumed that no additional sleeping accommodation and corresponding flat furnishings are available.

c) Floor plans

The floor plans shown on the internet are approximate drawings in terms of size, arrangement of rooms and number of rooms, etc.

e) Pets

It is permitted to take a pet with you. The tenant is responsible for any damage or soiling.

f) Takeover

As a rule, you can take possession of the rental property on the day of arrival from 3.00 pm. In the event of a delay in arrival, Dr. LERCHBAUMER must be informed immediately. Should you miss the agreed arrival time, a proper reception cannot be guaranteed. In any case, Dr. Lerchbaumer should be notified one hour before arrival.

g) As tenant, you have the right to use the entire rented property, including furniture and utensils. You undertake to treat the rented property and its inventory as well as any communal facilities with the greatest possible care. You are obliged to compensate for any damage caused during the rental period through your fault or the fault of your companions and guests.

h) Defects

You must report any defects arising during the rental period immediately. On taking over and returning the rental property, any defects or damage must be reported immediately to the administration.

4 Cancellation by the customer, rebooking, substitute person

a) Resignation

Cancellation is possible at any time. Cancellation fee in case of cancellation up to two months before arrival 25%, during the last two months 50% of the rental price without additional costs. If a replacement tenant is found by the tenant under the same rental conditions for the agreed period, only a rebooking fee of 10% of the rental price will be charged.

However, the minimum fee here is € 50. Cancellations must always be communicated in writing.

5. changes in services and prices

Which services are contractually agreed results from the service descriptions in the catalogue and from the information referring to this in the travel confirmation. The information contained in the brochure is binding for the tour operator. However, the tour operator expressly reserves the right to declare a change in the catalogue details for factually justified, considerable and unforeseeable reasons before the conclusion of the contract, of which the traveller will of course be informed before the start of the journey.

Deviations and changes to individual travel services from the contractually agreed content of the travel contract that become necessary after conclusion of the contract and were not brought about by us contrary to good faith are permitted to us insofar as the deviations are not significant and do not affect the overall nature of the booked travel service.

6. duty to cooperate

Within the framework of the statutory provisions, you are obliged to do everything you can reasonably be expected to do in the event of any disruptions in service to help remedy the disruption and to minimise or avoid any damage that may arise. This results in particular in the obligation to report complaints immediately. If you culpably fail to comply with this obligation, you shall not be entitled to any claims in this respect. A culpable omission does not exist, for example, if notification of defects or request for remedy are unreasonable, if a case of impossibility exists, or if notification of defects or request for remedy are culpably omitted. The service providers (owner, key holder, agency, etc.) have neither the function of a tour guide nor are they representatives of the lessor, nor do they have the authority to acknowledge claims and to make and/or receive legally binding declarations.

7. liability

The tenants and their fellow travellers use the facility at their own risk. No liability can be accepted for service disruptions whose causes lie outside our sphere of influence, in particular in the event of war, strikes and lock-outs, civil unrest, epidemics, sovereign intervention, natural disasters, etc., as well as for service disruptions in the area of public supply and disposal facilities (e.g. water, electricity and other energy), in particular if these disruptions are caused by force majeure or the local climatic conditions.

We recommend that you take out travel theft, illness and accident insurance.